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Apprentice: White House

Building Company Theater

Create radical joy, foster relationships, and promote critical thinking-this is what making theater can do. From politics to philosophy to the sciences, theater creation expands our ability to connect the dots within the systems of our communities, deepening connection to where, what, and who we are. 



Dramatic Adventure Theatre


As a theater maker, devising is a large part of who I am as an artist. Creating theater that cultivates conversation, engaging in youth outreach, and facilitating community development comprise the tenets of my work. I seek to create and participate in theater reflecting the breadth and depth of American culture. 

"TEMBO! was a transmission of energy, emotion and unity. With music, verse, and passion, the actors were engaged and intricately connected... it transformed the audience."

— Andrea Hylen, Founder of 'Heal My Voice'

Immigration Dialogue

Building Company Theater

The creation of theatrical discourse is inherent to social justice. They are complimentary forces by which we as people can empower each other to a greater functioning of society. My love of artistic expression is one with my desire to bring positive change to the world.



The Wistaria Project

"Wistaria asks its audience to remain communally present and part of the performance. In doing so, it asks you to contemplate the ways in which you actively take part in interpreting history and by extension the present moment. Wistaria is a pointillist painting – from up close, it appears as simple, colorful dots. But the further back you get, the more those dots start to come together and form a larger, but equally colorful painting. Before you know it, you realize those dots were, in fact, the painting the whole time – the only thing that changed was your perspective."

-Quill Nebeker, DC Metro Theater Arts

I am always interested in meeting new collaborators and working with dynamic, civically-minded theater companies.

Download my CV below!

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