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Welcome! I'm Laura Bernas. 

I'm a creative goofball with a penchant for magically realistic plays, devised theater, and fearless acting. I love new plays, reimagined classics, and dynamic screen dramedies. I'm a huge nerd with an eye for sophisticated elegance. Think Beanie Feldstein meets Kate Winslet...I am that love child. 


I hold a MFA in Acting from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England and have trained at the Moscow Art Theatre School and Sarah Lawrence College.

Working across multiple mediums while collaborating with international companies forms the cornerstone of my career.  


Screenshot 2023-07-31 160702.png

Performing at the Marigny Opera House in Mendel Lee & Jakki Kalogridis' world premiere, dance theater piece "Fast-Paced World"!


See me in this new neo-noir short "The Sinister Side of Her" explore the dark side of online dating.


Fat Squirrel presents The Canopic Jar of My Sins: A Medieval Morality Play for Latter-Day Postmodernists! So excited to be in Justin Maxwell's latest play about culpability, environmental collapse, and metaphysical realities. 


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